• Andrey Vanyan Andrey Vanyan

    Bio: Andrey is an experienced web developer with many years of hands-on experience of around 10 years.

  • Raffi Krikorian Raffi Krikorian

    Bio: s of Twitter\'s core logic → his teams manage, amongst other things, the business logic, scalable delivery, APIs, and authentication of Twitter\'s application. His group, from the @twittereng side, helped create the iOS 5 Twitter integration as well as the \"The X Factor\" + Twitter voting mechanism. Previously, he was the lead of the public APIs as well as being the one of those behind Twitter\'s Geospatial APIs. Before Twitter he used to create technologies to help people frame their personal energy consumption against global energy production (Wattzon - Business Week\'s \"Best Idea\" 2008), and also ran a consulting company building off-the-wall projects. At one point, he used to teach at NYU’s ITP (created the class Every Bit You Make) and spent way too much time as a student at MIT and the MIT Media Lab (Internet 0 - Scientific American September 2004).

  • Vahe Torozyan Vahe Torozyan

    Bio: Vahe with his team has shipped a number of successful games in different social networks

  • Areg Harutyunyan Areg Harutyunyan

    Bio: Areg Harutyunyan is a web development professional, mobile development enthusiast, and a tech whiz. When not working on enterprise web projects at Synopsys Armenia, Areg enjoys filling his free time writing some nicely indented Python code under Gentoo.